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Kind of miss Bali after so long. Great beaches and fantastic scences in a island 5,780.06 km2 .    

Nah it wasn’t a real bridal, it was the photos from a short outdoor shoot from the actual day itself. We got some real nice photos so it deserves it’s own entry! It was a pity that we didn’t do a bridal shoot while i was in New York , i guess the results would Read more ..

They came from Indonesia to Singapore for wedding purchases and though why not take some pictures while we were there. Adam and Lilies contacted me to do a simple Pre Wedding shoot for them. Even thou Adam couldn’t speak a word of English we managed to get some fantastic photos. I had a enjoyable time Read more ..

Bali, a place with rich and unique culture. A great background for Photography with it’s beaches and cliff scenery. Great place to lay back and forget about your worries. Sadly we were on a tight schedule and before i actually get to do anything i was on the way back to Singapore. Let’s kick off Read more ..

I did this for Melvin & Melanie for quite sometime now and since we have this newly designed blogsite, I was thinking perhaps it’s time for this to see the light hehe. 😛 To see more photos from this series, visit Here