Kenneth & Serena – Hongkong Pre Wedding

Kenneth & Serena – Hongkong Pre Wedding

Pre Weddings are a hot and sweaty affair , on the other hand during the cool weeks in Hong kong I got my butt frozen, 8 – 11 degrees at night. Kenneth and Serena were all fine and dandy when the harbour winds hit us while taking the night skyline of Hong kong, I guess they are more use to it then the all round summer singaporean. We booked a big Toyota Alphard and we were on our trip all around Hong Kong Island for 2 days.

We Started our first day with Shek O as our warm up ground , with the cooling weather we wasn’t warm at all , freezing cold winds didn’t stop us from taking shots on the rocks with the nice natural rocky background.

1stJournal Pre Wedding Kenneth and Serena

Rocky beaches of Shek O


Tim Tam Reservior

Tim Tam Reservior – Close ups


Tim Tam Reservior

Tim Tam Reservior with a nice stoney bridge

Dropped by CityHall for a while

Some Black and white

Not forgetting the cobble street near LKY

Looking forward to Australia in 2013 Cheers!

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