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My dear friend Smith asked me to capture photos of his nephew’s 1 month old party.
It was hosted in a rather interesting place, BrewBakers, first time i had jugs of beer during a child’s 满月(1st Month). No worries alcohol was strictly for adults only! A section was blocked off for this event. There was lots of kids , it’s always fun to photograph them when they are playing, they completely ignore you and let you photograph them.

baby and children birthday


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Nah it wasn’t a real bridal, it was the photos from a short outdoor shoot from the actual day itself. We got some real nice photos so it deserves it’s own entry! It was a pity that we didn’t do a bridal shoot while i was in New York , i guess the results would Read more ..

A Year has passed since Photographing their Wedding over in the USA, they had another wedding event for the bride’s family in Singapore.
This time around the man from the States had to do Gate Crashing! A whole new experience for the groom.


Morning Preperation


I’ve got so many backlogged entries since the end quarter of 2010 . So here’s the first post to a string of back logged entries. =D 2
It was a Sweet and Simple affair. Morning gatecrashing and wedding lunch @ Raffles Hotel. They had a touching speech during their lunch, tears were dropped, even i was teary….. Another reason why i love weddings.