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Kind of miss Bali after so long. Great beaches and fantastic scences in a island 5,780.06 km2 .    

Pre Weddings are a hot and sweaty affair , on the other hand during the cool weeks in Hong kong I got my butt frozen, 8 – 11 degrees at night. Kenneth and Serena were all fine and dandy when the harbour winds hit us while taking the night skyline of Hong kong, I guess Read more ..

This was a job for Beaujolais (1 Ann Siang Hill, Club Street, 069784). I shot one of my favorite exteriors here, it was a combination of great weather, timing and a planning. Other than the exterior shot we went inside and took the interior and some material for their website.

She’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I was smiling all the way while photographing little Keira if people didn’t know better they would have though i was crazy.  See it to believe it!  Ain’t she cute or what!

The Offical launch at Suntec city  for a line of sport products. The 2 main products are Badminton Rackets and Punching Humaniod